Multi-Account Registration!

You have to register your mage in case:
  • You and someone else play from the same PC.
  • You play from public PCs, like school or internet cafe.
  • You and someone else play from home or an office with a shared IP due to a 'router' or 'proxy'.

You don't have to register in case:
  • You play from home and your office but no one else plays TR from your home or your office.

For more information read the FAQs below:

Q: What is the purpose ?
A: This is directed to couples, friends, office mates etc who play TR from 1 computer or IP and don't want to be confused by admins for multimages. This is also directed to people who often use public computers, like in net cafes or schools where other persons might play TR as well.

Q: How do I register ?
A: There is a link in the Council of Emperor. Just select whether it is a public PC or you share a PC with another person.

Q: I play on more than one server, do I have to register on each one?
A: No! Multiaccount registration is now done from the community server, and the information is sent out to all of the servers. Register once and it will affect every server that you have a mage!

Q: Do I have to register each reset | or every time I reincarnate a mage?
A: Not anymore! With the portal registration system, the information is saved and transfers to all of the servers. If you die and reincarnate, the information is still available to the servers. If the server resets the data will be resent. In short, register once and don't worry about registering again!

Q: What if I need to change my registration?
A: If you registered incorrectly (chose Public instead of Same, etc), or if registration is no longer valid (example: a family member no longer uses your computer to play), then simply go to the multiaccount registration page and select a new registration type. It's easy!

Q: Does my wife/friend/brother have to register as well when using 1 computer by 2 players ?
A: Yes! Both users must register.

Q: How many people can share and play from 1 computer ?
A: Maximum two people can play from 1 computer. For example, you and your brother on your home PC.

Q: Are there any other restrictions ?
A: No! You may each play your mage as you wish.

Q: If I have 2 or more computers at home but they use same connection, do I have to register ?
A: It depends. If each has a seperate IP then you do not have to register. If each computer is assigned the same IP by your router then you must register.

Q: How do I know if my home or office computers have the same IPs ?
A: Check your IP from any public website that will display your IP. One example is:

Q: If I play from my home PC and sometimes from school (or cafe), do I have to register ?
A: Yes! Because you play from a public PC (school or a cafe) you need to register.

Q: I play from school but I don't know if there's someone else playing TR as well, do I have to register ?
A: Definitely.

Q: If I was at my friends house, who is also playing TR, and I logged in to my mage to check it, do I have to register ?
A: No, if it was only once or twice you don't have to register. If you play from his computer often then you both need to register.

Q: I play from my work and there are a lot of people here, we use the same http proxy, but my computer is used only by me. Do I have to register ?
A: Only if the office uses a shared IP. Check your IP from any public website that will display your IP. One example is:

Q: I play from my own computer at work and then at my home pc. Do I have to register ?
A: If you are the only person at home and work that plays TR then you do not need to register.

Q: I play from school/cafe, but i'm computer expert and I know they use the same http proxy. So do I have to register or not ?
A: Yes, you have to register.

Q: What if I don't register ?
A: If you do not register and your situation requires it, your account will be frozen. You will then need to appeal to the game administrators of the server that you were frozen on, which they may or may not decide to lift. Even if they decide to remove the freeze on your account, this will take time. In short, it is easier to just register.

Q: What if I just register even though I do not need to ?
A: If you do not need to register then you should not. Registering means that the game administrators will be paying close attention to the actions of your mage. This puts an added work load onto them, and increased scrutiny onto you. Only register if you follow the criteria above.

Q: Won't that justify multimaging ?
A: No, mages who register will be under constant and very careful watch from game administrators. If a registered mage is found to be multimaging, it will result in an immediate server-wide ban. It is very easy to tell the difference between 2 people playing 2 mages and 1 person playing 2 mages, believe me.