Introducing The Reincarnation's Discord server! (We're finally moving off IRC)

For those who know what Discord is all about, head on over to the server here, or click on the connect button on the right.

You can also take a look at the current players in discord on the right side ->

If you've never used Discord before, it's a communication platform like Slack, FB messenger, IRC, etc with modern features including great support for offline messages and mobile devices. There is limited guest access via a web browser, but downloading the application will improve user experience.

TR's Discord server has some unique features, including a Black Market bot which will announce when a new hero or ancient spell is released on the game server. You can also gain in-game luck simply by typing !luck into the chat which will apply luck on your mages in ALL servers instantly (you have to link your portal account to your discord account first - see #help in the server).

We're looking forward to building a sense of community between the players as we continue to keep this great game going. So please drop by and say hello - you can talk about what's going on in each server, or just general chat with other players. Usual rules apply regarding appropriate behaviour, including not sharing in-game information illegally.

We look forward to seeing you in our Discord server!