Clarification Regarding Beta Coordination Rules

A few sets ago, we suspended the illegal coordination rules for Beta server. While we knew that this would probably lead to a lot more coordination between unallied players and guilds than before, we neglected to clarify what exactly would be allowed. Here is that clarification:

- Information may be shared in amail, private chats, guild chats, etc.
- It may NOT be shared on TR community areas such as the UBB forums or TR Discord.

We will be moderating and removing posts tha...

Moderators Wanted

Position: Full or Part Time Positions Available
Salary: $0 with the possibility of raises up to double your starting salary.
Bonuses: Bonuses are available based on your performance. These will either be a percentage of your salary or a "Thank you" depending on situation.

Do you thrive in an organization that values your ability to make decis...

What's a portal login ?

With the portal login you can access all areas of The Reincarnation - the Universal Bulletin Board (UBB) and all game server of The Reincarnation. With your portal login you can write messages on the UBB and create mages on all game server. While your mage accounts on the game server will be deleted after each reset (~3 months) your portal login will stay active forever.

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