Solo Server New Reset - Mar 4, 2021

Solo Server will restart at Thu Mar 4 15:00:00 2021.
Armageddon is scheduled to begin at Sat May 1 15:00:00 2021.

Changes from previous set

  • Renuntio turn messages now display the action the turn was used for. (i.e. "Casting Spell: Summon Zombies on yourself.")
  • Renuntio will now record the results from ac...

What's a portal login ?

With the portal login you can access all areas of The Reincarnation - the Universal Bulletin Board (UBB) and all game server of The Reincarnation. With your portal login you can write messages on the UBB and create mages on all game server. While your mage accounts on the game server will be deleted after each reset (~3 months) your portal login will stay active forever.

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