Resources for new players

The Reincarnation has many veteran players, who reincarnated their mage countless times. What makes them keep playing this game? What makes that this game stays interesting so long? It must be that playing The Reincarnation is easy to learn, but very hard to master! In order to help its players, The Reincarnation brings the following resources:

Guide for new mages (Startup Guide)
It is equally difficult to construct The Reincarnations monumental buildings and assemble its epic armies as it is hard to maintain them over a long period of time. Guides in our Wiki introduce new players step by step to the various aspects of the game, without spoiling it by telling too much! Follow the title link to our great WiKi and let yourself be guided through terra.

Decalogue of Terra
This document describes the rules of playing The Reincarnation. It describes what is considered cheating and unwanted behaviour. Remember that in this game you are playing against real other players elsewhere in the world. Any player should have read the ten rules that form the Decalogue and should act likewise (one player should only play one mage, no automatic playing/scripting, no foul language and some things more). The Decalogue is not a joke! TR staff and many players actively monitor the actions of all mages. Decalogue violations very likely result in punishment, ranging from in-game penalties to permanent server bans.

The Encyclopedia
This document describes every creature, all buildings and the many magic items and spells in the game. In some cases the Encyclopedia is very clear, so you can compare strengths and upkeep costs of the various creatures that could make up your army. In other cases it gives little more than a hint, because mages can only really learn their magic by trial and error! The in-game encyclopedia and its annotated copy in the TR WiKi are your best source of knowledge of this game.

Game Manual (Player's Guide)
The game manual documents the various web pages in The Reincarnation. Their content and working in the game is explained in detail. The game manual is technical and less hands-on than the Guide for New Mages. The Game Manual is kept up to date in the TR WiKi.

The Reincarnation UBB
This is our dedicated forum and portal to the game. If you made an account to play on our servers, that portal-account also allows to post on our forum. It is the place to meet players and developers, by posting general messages. It is also the place to read and discuss about playing strategies and to complain when you feel harmed. There are some rules in this forum, most-importantly that you should NOT post information that is specific to other mages in the game. Many players also visit other places to contact fellow players, e.g. members-only forums of groups of players (guilds) and special IRC-channels where you can chat to other players in real time (Channel: #reincarnation on the GalaxyNet irc-network).

One of the aspects of The Reincarnation is that at the end of each Era's a climatic period of warfare known as Armageddon will begin, which marks the destruction of Terra. During this time, every player is allowed to ignore the normal rules of engagement to determine the most stalwart of magi in the game, who are forever remembered in our Hall of Immortals.



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