Informations about Guilds

Playing apart together: mages and guilds

Playing your mage you will frequently encounter other mages, played by other players. The Reincarnation encourages players to coordinate their action together as groups of mages known as ‘Guilds’. There are many differences between individual players (inexperienced newbies, experienced veterans), between mages (different magic specialities, different knowledge of their spell books) and in strategies (offensive/defensive, battling duels/trying to rank as high as possible).

Equally, there are many differences between guilds: some are newly formed, some have been around for many earlier rounds of the game; some aim to rank and only battle for rank; some aim to duel other guilds, rather than ranking as high as possible. Many guilds are open to new players and try to make experienced players out of them, some guilds are closed communities that only invite new members.

Why join a guild?

There are many reasons… First and foremost, interacting with other players and sharing your passion for this game is nice. It is a chance to meet people from different countries and cultures and have fun chatting about whatever. Secondly, there are benefits in mastering the game: you can learn new skills and strategies, as developed by other players: there are simply too many ways to play the game to find it all out just by yourself.

For veterans it can be a new challenge to teach new players their tricks. Last but not least, your mage character will benefit from cooperating with other mages: two allied mages can send you reinforcements in your battles, your fellow guild-members can support you in continuing battles with aggressive enemies, and the established name of your guild may make other mages avoid attacking you. To survive in the higher ranks, simply you do need a guild. To learn to play the game within reasonable time, simply you do need a guild.

Guilds on the Community Server

So which guild to join? Your best bet, are those guilds represented on The Reincarnation’s own servers. Established guilds have their own sections on our 'Community Server', the same server that hosts our forum (Universal Bulletin Board, UBB), Player gallery, Role playing area and game documentation (manual, guide for new players, encyclopedia).

For guilds, The Reincarnation provides:
- Restricted web-area (30 MB) for guild members, including a guild forum
- Features linked to the game-servers such as ‘Members Ranking’, ‘Statistics’, ‘Guild-ranking’ etc.
- A subdomain ( )
- Features for guild-management by the guild leader

To get access to these features, guilds have to donate The Reincarnation 20 Euro per reset (= ~3 months), which more or less indicates that these guilds will indeed be active, and are a good thing to join.

TR is a non-commercial project: when our funds allow it, we’ll offer existing guilds to continue their presence on our community server for free for another reset.

Register Supporting Guilds

The process to get access and use Supporting Guilds feature is quite simple.
1. Donate the money by using PayPal.
2. Enter all fields in the registration form below
3. Allow a couple of days for the registration to complete, when your Supporting Guilds webspace is set up you will receive an email with the information needed to start using it.
4. Thank you and start building you own guilds webpage.


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